It turns out that the EU is making preparations for the UK to remain as a member of the bloc!

Under the terms of Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, it is possible for the two year negotiation period to be extended – but only if the UK and the other 27 members states agree unanimously within the European Council to do so. That would mean the Prime Ministers of all remaining 27 EU member states and that of the UK would have to agree.

The UK cannot do it alone, the EU Commission cannot do it alone, the EU Parliament cannot do it alone, the UK parliament cannot do it alone and the UK government cannot do it alone.

Unanimity across the board is required.

Now, the Independent is reporting that the European Council is drawing up plans for the possibility of the UK still being in the EU after Brexit day at 11pm on March 29th 2019.

This is all based on the stall in the talks over Northern Ireland and I'm assuming that they think that if a deal isn't reached then we will have to extend.

You have to also bear in mind that these sorts of plans are not drawn up in isolation. They will have had to have some sort of preliminary talks with the UK side, even if off the official record.

One wonders if these are the sorts of discussions that the Remoaners have been having with the likes of Barnier all along. And the Remoaners say they 'respect the will of the people' – hogwash, they must despise the people.

It will though, as the newspaper says, also require the UK to hold EU MEP elections in May next year, should the delay be of any significant length. These are elections we should not be participating in, but it is now no wonder that we hear stories of money being put in to a pot for EU election 'just in case'.

Then the UK would of course be drawn into another EU budget period with serious ramifications of having to keep paying into the EU coffers for a few more years.

It will also give any non-UKIP MEPs the chance to sign us up to as much UK sovereignty damaging legislation as possible in the process and any snap general election in the interim to try and see off the UKIP fox completely and muddy the waters would be a great boon to the the Remoaners.

Do not be fooled, this is a kite being flown to gauge public reaction to see if it's something they can get away with. It is now beyond doubt that the Remain establishment is hell bent on getting us as closely knit into the fabric of the EU as it can – trust no-one, especially those that have to say 'I wanted Remain, but I will respect the will of the people' – they won't.

And this report comes on the heels of a shady meeting in Europe House of Remainers including the Tory Brexit rebel Dominic Grieve.

This meeting was slammed by the UKIP leader, Gerard Batten, who said that it defied belief for Dominic Grieve to claim he was not looking to stymie Brexit when just a few hours after trying to do just that in Parliament he is meeting with individuals and groups committed to overturning the referendum result.

"This is like a rerun of 1972 when an unholy alliance of Tory, Labour and Liberal MPs manoeuvred the House of Commons into taking us into the European Economic Community. Now forty-six years later we are in grave danger of seeing the same thing in reverse." He said, going on to say that:

Equally worrying is the EU’s involvement in this cabal seeking to subvert democracy. By allowing their London headquarters to be used to hold this meeting, the EU have once and for all proved they are providing resources to groups meddling in Britain’s democratic process.

And he continued by pointing to the suspicions we had of an enemy within working towards overturning the referendum result and that it was "increasingly evident that the efforts are highly organised and co-ordinated throughout sections of the establishment."

"Seeking to subvert democracy is a dangerous game." he said, as it will destroy all trust the public has in our democratic system.

The EU Referendum brought many people who had either never voted before, or who had not voted for many years, into the political game.

They were engaged as never before. But as these new voters see democracy being subverted you will see them doing what the 'establishment' wants them to do – never vote again, because the establishment doesn't like surprises. Just look at the turnout in yesterday's by-election, it was just 33.3%.

During a heavily politicised time with the amount of effort put into the by-election by all the candidates and their parties as well as the fascist actions of factions on the left to shut down free speech there, you would have thought that political engagement would be high – and it would have been, if democracy was seen by ordinary voters as worth pursuing.

But one has to truly wonder if that is now the case.

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