Those that don't think that the EU has a problem with migration, might want to read this draft decision to be put before the EU Council.


There is a proposal for an EU Council decision that would shift a large amount of money from a reserve fund into the Security and Citizenship, heading three, line of the EU budget to deal with what is being termed as the 'challenges' presented by migration, refugee inflows and security threats.

The money will come from what is called the 'Flexibility Instrument' that is there to provide funding for clearly identified expenditure that cannot be covered by the EU budget without exceeding the maximum annual amount for expenditure set out in the Multiannual Financial Framework, or MFF.

The maximum allowed for this Flexibility Instrument each year is €600 million.

And this draft directive proposes that over two thirds of that, €407.4 million, be used on this one item in 2020.

With a further €312.2 million in 2021, which is in the next MFF – so it appears the EU's next budget for this was also set too low.

But looking at this Flexibility Instrument, the EU does say that it has been "…mobilised frequently during the MFF mainly to finance immediate budgetary measures to address the ongoing challenges of migration and security threats."

Overall between 2020 and 2023 the total proposed extra spending to deal with these 'challenges' would be €778.1 million.

But this budget line covers a massive scope of spending far beyond just asylum and migration.

It also covers:

The Civil Protection Mechanism for natural and man-made disasters.

The Consumer Programme

Creative Europe

Europe for Citizens

Food and feed


The Internal Security Fund

IT systems

The Justice programme


Rights, Equality and Citizenship

Totting up the figures for Security and Citizenship under heading three of the budget, I get a total for the whole 2014 to 2020 budget period of about €12.25 billion. On a simple basis that would be €1.75 billion a year.

So for the year 2020 this wide ranging fund will have to be increased by 23% to allow for just migration, asylum seekers and security threats.

But when looking at the budget over seven years for just the asylum, migration and integration part, that is €3,137.42 million over seven years – or €448.18 million a year. And they want to increase that by over €400 million for 2020 alone.

And you only have to read the following paragraph from the proposed decision to get how worried they are:

"In order to address the ongoing challenges of migration, refugee inflows and security threats, it is necessary to mobilise significant additional amounts to finance such measures as a matter of urgency."

How much more is EU border policy really going to cost in the coming years?


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