The EU Referendum Bill, a private member’s bill sponsored by the Conservatives MP James Wharton and Lord Dobbs, was always a wounded beast at best and has been put out of its misery by the House of Lords.

This bill, which if passed into law would have seen the voters of the UK offered a referendum on whether or not the country should remain as part of a ‘renegotiated’ European Union, was deluged by amendments from Labour and LibDem peers to ensure that it ran out of debating time.

Now, as a result, the Tories are putting forward the proposal that they are the only party that will give the country the choice. They are saying that as we have seen that the LibDems and Labour are set against a referendum on the matter we should vote Conservative to ensure we get one. The Prime Minister, David cameron, Tweeted "As Labour and the Lib Dems have killed the Wharton Bill, the one way to guarantee a referendum is to vote Conservative at the Gen Election”. This of course overlooks the fact that the government could have forced this through more easily as a government bill as opposed to leaving it to hang out to dry as a private member’s bill.

All the politicians in Westminster are aware that much of the country wants to be given their say on staying in the EU, but they seem to think they know better and can impose their will on the people by playing party politics.

In a comment possibly designed to put pressure on Ed Miliband to offer a referendum if they gain power after the next general election the UKIP leader, Nigel Farage, said:

"The Labour Party have once again demonstrated just how much they do not want ordinary people to have their say on the EU."

Houses of Parliament -

Houses of Parliament –

It should now be plain to people that the vast majority of the political class is totally against anything that could rock the European Union boat. It is also clear that the people of the UK cannot be trusted to come to the ‘right decision’ where the EU is concerned.

The PM made a half-hearted attempt to offer the referendum knowing it would almost certainly be broken on the wheel of parliamentary procedure and the other two parties gleefully went ahead and made the most of the opportunity.

All in the same week that the government discovers that it may have lost control over human rights matters within the UK to the EU. More loss of sovereignty without much of a murmur during the watch of a PM who promises so much where renegotiation with the EU is concerned.

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