According to the former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, the EU is treating the UK with naked contempt.


In his column in the Telegraph, Boris Johnson said it was time to stand up to the EU Brexit bullying.

We have nothing to show after two years of negotiating and it is time to push back he said.

"With painful politeness, we have agreed to the EU's timetable for discussions." He wrote. "We have consented to hand over huge quantities of taxpayers' money – £39bn of it.

"We have quite properly volunteered to protect the rights of EU nationals in the UK. So far we have nothing to show for our generosity and understanding.

"We are now entering the moment of crisis. Matters cannot go on as they are."

And he went on to say that we are being given the choice of subjugation or the break up of the UK "separation or submission", he said.

Isn't it now becoming clearer by the day that, barring any real movement on the EU side, a no-deal Brexit is on the way?

The Prime Minister, Theresa May, is due to give a Brexit update to the House of Commons at 3:30 this afternoon after the breakdown of talks over the weekend. And the EU has said it will give her a day to see what transpires after what the bloc is calling the UK disengaging from the negotiations.

This may be what happens when we send Remainers to negotiate, who tell the EU in a Westminster bubbles way, that the PM will take any one-sided EU compromise, without factoring in 17.4 million voters and a cabinet that is very conscious of them.

So when the politician responsible for okaying the deal turns up to apply the rubber stamp, it doesn't quite go the way intended.

To put that in context, yesterday Michel Barnier Tweeted:

"We met today @DominicRaab and UK negotiating team. Despite intense efforts, some key issues are still open, including the backstop for IE/NI to avoid a hard border. I will debrief the EU27 and @Europarl_EN on the #Brexit negotiations."

To which Douglas Carswell responded:

"Translation: Dom Raab wouldn’t agree with what Olly Robbins promised Michel Barnier Raab would agree to."

Not only should the UK be wary of what the Remainers do and say, the EU should be doubly wary of what they promise!

The SNP leader, Nicola Sturgeon, has today called on the UK to remain in the EU single market and customs union. Well what a surprise.

She was speaking on the day the Scottish government published its alternative Brexit plan, which as you can imagine is a choice of just staying fully in the EU or staying in the customs union and single market – which of course is staying fully in the EU, or finally that Scotland should stay in the European Economic Area which, given the Scotland / rest of the UK border, would mean the whole of the UK staying under EU control.

Their paper is also calling for an extension to the Article 50 process to allow for more negotiating time, which of course is just staying in the EU.

Scottish Nationalists such as her, but not all by any means, believe that the only or easiest route to get the reins of power over Scotland out of the hands of Westminster – is to arrange circumstances to pass them over directly to Brussels and then try and sort it out later. And that drives just about their whole agenda.

And they would of course still demand that frictionless trade between Scotland and the rest of the UK continues as now, because guess who they do their bulk of trade with – But that's for another debate.

Now, today is the day that an MP as well as two of his former aides go on trial accused of election spending crimes relating to the 2015 General Election.

I refer, of course, to the case of the South Thanet MP Craig Mackinlay, who beat Nigel Farage to the seat.

And the only news source to be reporting it appears to be

Now had it been Nigel in the hot seat ……

Moving on, the Labour Party MP for Brent North, Barry Gardiner, showed today just how Eurocentric the establishment views of the world are.

Speaking on the BBC Politics Live show he said that leaving the EU without a deal on WTO terms would have severe ramifications for the UK, because unless we imposed a hard border across Ireland the UK would be breaking WTO rules and we would therefore have to open our markets up to the world on a no tariff no control basis in the same way that it was open across the Irish border to the EU. He made it sound so damaging for us.

But what he failed to point out, was that those exact same rules apply to the European Union – the bloc is also a member of the WTO and must surely also abide by those exact same rules. Think about the countries involved in the EU27, the size of the combined borders and the countries that lie on the other side of that EU border.

Now ponder that one for a moment. Can you imagine what would happen to the whole EU single market and Eurozone in those circumstances? The EU would either have to impose a hard border across Ireland or risk its entire single market and in effect the single currency being subject to a WTO ruling.

So it's not just about the UK, it also involves the EU and more importantly its member states – especially the wealthy ones that rely on the protection that the EU single market gives their businesses.

So, what do you think would be the best option for the EU, strike a good deal with the UK – a proper free trade deal? Or risk its entire existence? Interesting question.


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