William Dartmouth,the UK Independence Party MEP for Gibraltar,today praised the Spanish government for carrying out the greatest illusion since the days of Harry Houdini.

"It is astonishing that Spain can make vanish massive traffic jams that took up to seven hours to clear and keep a straight face at the same time" said Lord Dartmouth.

"Just days before a fact- finding team from the European Commission arrive in Gibraltar to see the chaos caused by Spain all the queues disappear as if by magic.One can only wonder why Spain did not use the system of pulling cars out of line to check them for contraband over the past few weeks." he added.

"The Commission say they want a picture of border crossing disputes for the past two years.Perhaps if they had not refused to speak to residents and the media they may have a better chance of doing so."

Lord Dartmouth went on to say,"The worrying thing about this whole exercise is that it now seems as though the focus is upon smuggling and not the main issues of harassment both on land and sea by the Spanish Government.

"I will be writing as a matter of urgency to the Commission urging them to concentrate on the real issues here and to more honest and transparent both with the media and the residents of Gibraltar."

Gibraltar by Arne Koehler via Wikimedia Commons

Gibraltar by Arne Koehler via Wikimedia Commons

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