European Union finance ministers now want another tranche of money in the form of a €200 billion loan from the International Monetary Fund.

The IMF of course will just take the contributions from other countries and hand them over.

The problem for the UK is that it will also be expected to contribute, despite the protestation from the Prime Minister, David Cameron that the UK would not give any more money to the EU or to the IMF to be given to the EU.

The amount that the UK will be expected to stump up will be in the region of £25 billion. No small amount in itself, but when you consider that it will equal France's own contribution and therefore be the second equal largest payment behind Germany the scale of it hits home.

And this comes scant hours after French politicians and bankers were saying that the UK's economic position was worse than France's, to the extent that the UK should lose its AAA credit rating before France does.

The US has already refused to add any more to the IMF but China and Brazil have said they may.

AJA/AP reports that of the non Eurozone countries Poland is willing to put in €6 billion, Denmark another €5.4 billion and Sweden an undisclosed sum. Whilst Hungary Romania and Bulgaria have followed the UK and so far refused.

But this only adds a relatively small amount to the stop the Euro going bust war chest. That particular fund would grow in size to about a mere €1 trillion, when many economists expect the true requirement to be over €3 trillion.

The stakes are climbing a little higher every day, the more money that is ploughed into saving the Euro the more financial and political capital is tied up in its survival.

A Treasury spokesman told the Telegraph that no money will be lent directly to the Eurozone. But that Britain would support IMF resources as long as it was part of a wider effort to help all countries in distress, not just a Eurozone only effort.

The PM said yesterday that in the past no country had ever lost money by lending it to the IMF. But there is a first time for everything isn't there?

This will also be a tough argument to make to give any money at all to the IMF at the moment as, despite the claims, we all know where the money will end up.

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