1 Yorkshire Regiment Battle group by Sgt Mark Webster RLC-MOD (OGL)

Photo: Sgt Mark Webster RLC/MOD (OGL)

Brussels, aided and abetted by the UK establishment, is still trying everything it can to get our UK armed and security forces permanently into its EU army.

While there is much talk of trade and economics when the subject of Brexit is raised, no-one seems to want to talk about defence -least of all our politicians.

Writing in the Commentator, Peter Lyon says that we are participating in EU procurement rules that will mean giving up our defence autonomy.

"Surrendering our control and money over defence to a supranational state is a very scary prospect. It could result in our national armed forces being deployed, without us having a say."

And he goes on to say:

"Even as we negotiate our exit from the EU, our ministers and officials are disgracefully signing us up to this overarching European Defence Union. Our politicians have committed us to sending huge sums of money and abiding by strict EU procurement rules which are the foundation of the European Defence Union."

Our politicians and Whitehall mandarins are all acutely aware of what they are doing and they know that handing over de facto control of our defence means handing over control of our foreign policy and therefore control of our country to the EU by the back door!

As one of the few NATO members that meets its NATO defence spending target, the UK should not blindly hand over its defences to the control of what is effectively a foreign power – that is both madness and treason combined!

Now, what is the point of paying billions off pounds a year to belong to the EU to give us the co-called clout that Remainers claim it gives us, if it does things like cover up long term Russian gas price fixing.

A leaked EU document shows the EU commission knew for years about Gazprom's long term 'abusive practices' that amounted to political bullying of the smaller eastern EU states, but chose to ignore it.

So why did the EU ignore the report if it was damaging smaller EU states? Oh wait a minute, it did benefit some large countries – such as Germany.

"The leak is highly embarrassing for the EU’s competition directorate, as it implies the Commission gained a full understanding of the “abusive” techniques employed by the company, and nevertheless turned a blind eye, with large countries such as Germany benefitting." Reports the Express.

And Professor Alan Riley, EU energy law expert at the Atlantic Council, said:

"This is a very big deal. What the documents show is that there was systematic abuse of dominant position, and that it was clearly done for political purposes.

"Gazprom was splitting the European energy market at every point. And now the Commission is minded to do a deal that treats the East Europeans as if they were not member states at all."

And Polish politicians accuse some countries such as Germany of exerting pressure on EU institutions to suppress the findings of the report so as to continue their favourable beneficial standing with Gazprom.

So, Germany and its industry benefits from cheap energy at the expense of other EU states – what a club to belong to. And one assumes it's pretty easy to be head boy of manufacturing if you have access to cheap energy with Germany being charged $200 per 1,000 cubic metres compared to $350 for Poland. You have to wonder how far into the other areas of 'EU competency' this lack of even-handedness permeates!

I know, to be on the safe side, let's just leave that club!

Following on from the Canadian Prime Minister saying he wants a better than CETA post Brexit deal with the UK, Australia is now to host a new round of trade talks with the UK with an eye, says the Sydney Morning Herald, to boosting exports, worth 12.6 billion Australian dollars.

"British officials will fly to Canberra within days for a “working group” on the free trade agreement, amid hopes on both sides that a deal will commence as soon as Britain leaves the European Union at the end of 2020." Reports the newspaper.

More good news for Brexiteers!

The latest Small and Medium Enterprise confidence tracker from Bibby Financial Services shows that 'confidence among the UK’s smallest companies has rebounded to 2015 levels'.

"The number of SMEs expecting sales to increase between April and June jumped by 13 per cent, – Said Bibby FS – with half (50%) expecting to see an increase, when compared with expectations for the first three months of the year.

"The overall confidence index rose by six basis points from 58 in Q4 2017 to 64 in Q1 2018. It is the highest reading since Q2 2015 when The European Union Referendum Bill was first unveiled in the Queen's Speech."

On top of that 41% of SMEs are planning to invest in training and developing their staff, 24% are looking to recruit new talent and 30% to upgrade digital technology says Bibby.

And the CEO of Bibby Financial Services said:

"It is clear that even limited clarity over Brexit – and some compromise on behalf of both the UK and the EU following recent negotiations – has had a calming effect on SMEs. This has resulted in a marked increase in confidence, which is long overdue following two years of tumbling confidence and subdued investment."

And a new study by the Institute of Directors (IoD) finds that among 700 company directors almost half were confident about their own company prospects.

"The IoD said its survey revealed that worries about trade were not among the main three concerns for the first time since Brexit withdrawal negotiations started. Optimism is now higher than at any time since the Prime Minister triggered Article 50 last March." Reports Insider.

Finally, the Goldman Sachs Chairman and CEO Lloyd Blankfein, has admitted that he was wrong about the immediate effect of the Brexit vote on the City of London, after predicting a bankers' Brexodus out of London and into the likes of Frankfurt and Paris, which so far has not materialised.

So he has mirrored the now standard fare of Remainer rhetoric by saying that disaster is around the next corner.

And I still keep getting told by Remoaners that Leave is backed by all the big banks because they want to turn the UK into a workhouse. When will they understand that the really big banks want no barriers to their operations at all globally, and I would ask the Remoaners to explain why their claims do not match up with the actions of the big banks.

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