Last night the House of Lords accepted the EU Withdrawal Bill as sent back to them by the House of Commons and it will now go to Royal Assent to be made law.

Now firstly, I'd just like to thank Maurice from the YouTube channel "poroldchap" for making and sending me a few of these badges for the 'Full Withdrawal of the UK from the EU'. Very natty they are too!


Now, to business. Last night the Lords voted to accept the Commons version of the EU Withdrawal Bill and it will now be toddled off to Her Maj for signing to ensure that the day we leave the EU there will be no legal shocks waiting.

So the next main task is to get a Brexit agreement with those nice friendly people in the European Union, so we can draw up a treaty, then write some trade and customs laws that our MPs and Lords will work diligently together on to make Brexit the success they all claim they want.

Now, the President of the EU Commission, Jean Claude-Juncker, told the people of the Republic of Ireland today that they are not on their own in the Brexit negotiations and have the full backing of the other EU 26 nations as well as the EU Commission.

He also said that a solution to the border issue was crucial to any withdrawal treaty and it was a matter between the EU and the UK not between the UK and the Republic.

As I and many have said, there is already a border of currency, personal tax, corporation tax, civil law and criminal law amongst other things along that border so the transit of goods could easily be added with the good-will of both sides.

The EU and the Republic are making a mountain out of a molehill and are raising the spectre of masked armed men roaming the lands again, just for political leverage – not nice people to deal with it seems.

And I will remind those watching of Section one of Article 8 to the EU Lisbon Treaty, which says:

"The Union shall develop a special relationship with neighbouring countries, aiming to establish an area of prosperity and good neighbourliness, founded on the values of the Union and characterised by close and peaceful relations based on cooperation."

Don't see much of that coming from the EU at present, do you? Just because we voted to leave does not give the EU the right to renege on its own treaty obligations.

And while the EU plays its tricks, the UK government has got on with the job of Brexit and set out its plans for the post Brexit status of EU nationals living in the UK.

There will be two types of status: settled status for those who have lived in the UK for more than five years and pre-settled status.

Application will be mandatory with a cost of £65 per adult and £32.50 for children. Those that have already applied for residency or indefinite leave to remain will face no charges.

With applications to come from EU citizens as well as those from Lichtenstein, Switzerland, Norway and Iceland there are expected to be about three and a half million applications.

Applicants will be asked to prove their identity, declare criminal convictions from inside and outside the UK with only the serious offences being an issue and whether they live in the UK.

The presumption will be to grant rather than refuse an application said the Home Secretary, Sajid Javid, to a House of Lords Committee, with decisions being made very quickly.

We await the EU's matching proposals for UK citizens living in the EU.

And following on from recent remarks by the head of GCHQ, Jeremy Fleming, that the EU will lose out from a loss of information from the UK listening post if it fails to co-operate with the UK post-Brexit, security expert David Lowe told RT that the EU would the ones to suffer from the loss of gold standard UK intelligence.

Now for the post-Brexit economy. The Chancellor, Philip Hammond is due to give his Mansion House speech tonight, where he is expected to set out his plans for 'ground-breaking financial partnerships' around the world to make the UK the 'undisputed' centre of global commerce.

"Global Britain is not just a strategy for Britain’s economic future, – he is expected to say – it’s a statement about what kind of people we are. And about the economy and the society we want to be."

But he is also due to say that tax rises may be on the way for the NHS and there will be no extra cash for other departments.

But the latest ONS data shows that the UK deficit is still shrinking.

The deficit for the financial year ending March 2018 was £39.5 billion, which is £6.2 billion less than the previous year and £5.7 billion lower than OBR expectations.

Also in the current financial year to date borrowing was £11.8 billion, which is £4.1 billion less than last year – the lowest level since 2007 and we had the lowest borrowing for any month of May since 2005.

But while we've still got a deficit it increases the overall national debt, which is now over £1.78 trillion and equivalent to 85% of UK GDP. And this costs us circa £1 billion a week to service.

Now, for those that haven't heard, three prominent YouTubers, Count Dankula of the saluting dog notoriety, Paul Joseph Watson of Info-Wars and Sargon of Akkad have joined UKIP and it is thought that as many as a few hundred of their YouTube throng may have followed them into the party.

Finally, beware beer drinkers, there is a growing shortage of carbon dioxide due to five CO2 producers being offline across northern Europe, which could start causing shortages of fizzy drinks, packaged meat and beers.

The UK is particularly affected reports Quartz, as it now has only one big plant left producing the gas.

The shortage is down to a longer than usual break in the production of ammonia says the Independent.

How can we have England playing in a world cup and not enough beer? It's a crisis! But who or what to blame? Well, we know that there are only two things that everything is blamed on at the moment don't we? So take your pick, it's either Donald Trump or Brexit.

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