Ex-Labour immigration minister, Barbara Roche, who chairs the cross party Migration Matters Trust, is leading a campaign to brand UKIP as ‘Euracists’.

On the Migration Matters Trust website she wrote: “UKIP’s campaign needs to be exposed for what it is, a racist campaign. The party is practicing what is in effect a form of ‘Euracism’. They are deploying the same language and tactics used by openly racist party’s (sic) like the BNP, but instead of targeting migrants from Africa and Asia they are targeting migrants from within the EU. It is no less offensive to say British families should be wary of Romanians moving in next door than it is to say it of Nigerians or Indians”.

But by trying to brand UKIP as ‘Euracist’ she has invented a ‘race’ of people – that of those who hold EU citizenship. Otherwise the claim holds no water.

What she has overlooked however, is that this ‘race of EUers’ is able to move about the sovereign member states of the European Union unsullied of the need for visas and work permits etc. Unlike those of other races around the world, like those from Africa, America and Asia for example.

In fact, looking at the situation from that angle the current UK government policy is racist in that ‘EUers’ are afforded a form of ‘institutionalised’ positive discrimination. There are therefore two tiers of immigrants, how can that possibly be right in the UK in the 21st century? How have we allowed ourselves to accept this?

As UKIP’s director of communications, Patrick O’Flynn, points out in the video below, UKIP wants a level playing field for all immigrants and potential immigrants. This would be fair across the board and require no positive or negative discrimination – it would be non-racist.

Many people may scoff and say that our immigration policy cannot possibly be racist in the way I describe. But look at it from the perspective of an engineer from say China or Africa trying to get into the UK to work. They have a hard enough job getting in compared to an engineer from within the EU. Then they cannot roam freely about the EU and cannot easily get a job in another EU state as readily as someone from France or Germany working in the UK can. That means we are part of a club that treats people from different countries in a different way – how can that be fair? And if our politicians are so dead set against discrimination then how can they sign up to it and argue for it?

Berlaymont Building by Sebastien Bertrand

Berlaymont Building by Sebastien Bertrand

Why is it that some people seem to be suffering from a bout of 1984 ‘doublethink’ where they believe that treating all nationalities wanting to come to the UK in the same manner is wrong and putting eight percent of the global population (the EU) above others is right?

Look at Barbara Roche’s statement above. UKIP is not targeting people from the EU, the government is actually targeting people from across the world and then favouring those from the EU. Now that's discrimination! But what's so worrying and dangerous is that these people do not recognise it in themselves.

The only scenario in which the immigration policies of EU countries would not be considered as a form of discrimination by an outsider looking in would be if the EU was a single federal state, something that Viviane Reding (Vice-President of the European Commission, EU Justice Commissioner) said should happen:

We need a true political union. To me this means that we need to build a United States of Europe with the Commission as government and two chambers – the European Parliament and a "Senate" of Member States.”

I would guess that the next move here by our EU overlords would be for an EU directive that forces member states to treat legitimate immigrants from outside the EU the same as EU citizens and lets them move freely about the EU – more transfers of powers to make a federal EU state no doubt.

But I say ‘down with Euracism’ and pass laws that give everybody from across the globe the same chance to get into the UK and gives them the same rights as any other immigrant moving here – No to a two tier immigration system! But of course, to do that we would need to leave the EU ………..!

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