A lot has been said about the causes of the Euro-zone’s current economic problems. Some point at the debt certain countries have racked up and some blame the way the Euro is set up.

But these are just symptoms, not causes. The truth is that the Euro-zone’s problems are built on a political crisis. A political crisis of lies and obfuscation.

The Euro-zone and the European Union before it have been constructed on the sand of hidden political manoeuvring and outright lies. And these have culminated in the construction of a political machine with no reverse gear, no brake or off button and definitely no democratic steering gear.

The whole plan has always been to wrest power from individual countries and place it in the hands of an unelected few who know better than the rest of us. Or why are we where we are?

We were lied to when we were told it was just a trading zone. We were constantly lied to every time a little bit more power was handed over to Brussels. We were lied to when we were told that immigration from new member states would not amount to much. Those in the Euro-zone were lied to when they were told that new members could pay their way. And they lied when they said that a single currency would not mean political and economic integration – just look at the only options left to them, to join together or split asunder, that’s it.

At every stage politicians have lied, bent the rules or had repeat referendums until they wore down the population and got the ‘right’ answer. And where they were not sure they could do this they just by-passed democracy at every opportunity.

A way of thinking brought into stark relief by David Cameron's aide Tory MP Desmond Swayne.

The markets, often portrayed as the bad boys, are doing what markets always do. They have identified a dysfunctional set-up and are punishing it. Just as they would attack a badly set-up company with a board that does not serve the requirements of their company properly.

In their eagerness to see the political plan through, the politicians thought that they could just make a few laws and force the issue by default. But they forgot to bring the people with them, or realised that they would never be able to do so. Some countries gold-plated the laws, some tolerated them and the rest just ignored them. No wonder it’s all ending in tears.

We in the UK are fortunate that we managed to keep the fingers of the more Europhile of our politicians away from the Euro-zone fountain pen. But as a country we still sit on the Euro-zone sidelines sticking a foot in now and then hoping that we can somehow change their thinking or make a profit. This is pure indecision on our part, a lack of confidence in our own ability to forge our way in the world. This will only hurt us in the long run.

At the moment the UK seems to have only one vision, grumbling about the EU and Euro-zone but being forced to swallow what they dish out.

In order to address this issue we need clarity. Clarity on what relationship the population of the UK want to have with the EU and Euro-zone and also clarity of purpose from our elected representatives.

This will only be achieved with a full blown referendum and a proper open debate. Something the politicians of the three main parties are hell-bent on preventing.

The United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) is, as far as I am concerned, the only political unit that gives us any hope of getting that referendum. So, the next time you vote, if you want us to have a referendum vote with conviction, not the way you always have done in the past, as that will only keep getting you what you always got – more EU meddling.

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