The Daily Mail is running with a story designed to raise the hackles and heat the blood. It concerns Dean Evans and Catherine Scott who, with their four children, live in a four bed-roomed house on Sevenoaks Kent with a benefit allowance of £23,000 a year all courtesy of the tax payer. They also boast a nice new Italian Alfa Romeo sports car as well as a £47 a month Sky subscription.

Mr Evans injured his groin in a work accident and is awaiting a £200,000 compensation pay out.

The couple have religiously put aside money each week from their benefits so as to have a good Christmas.

The Mail paints Catherine Scott’s chequered history, but it seems now that the families are all going to get together for Christmas. “Our families have been great. They really spoil us. My parents didn't approve of us at first, but I told them to like it or lump it. They eventually came round. As we're all getting along, this Christmas is going to be great. We're going to get both sets of parents round and tuck into a massive turkey, then we'll all watch Only Fools And Horses on the 32 inch TV Dean's dad bought us.” Catherine said.

This will stick in the craw of many workers who have seen their pay and conditions drop recently. They may even be under threat of redundancy or are already looking forward to a bleak Christmas.

But we must remember that everyone, from banker to politician, worker to benefit claimant are all on it for what they can get these days. So don’t blame the recipient, blame the system that gives your money out.

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