Nigel Farage has offered to buy Jean-Claude Juncker some champagne for saying 'I don't think Britain needs the European Union'

The UKIP leader, Nigel farage, has offered to buy the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, some champagne after he said that:

"I am 150 per cent in favour of having Britain as a constructive member state of the European Union. We need Britain.

"Personally I don't think Britain needs European Union. But as a matter of conviction others might have a different feeling on that."

Responding, Mr Farage said:

"I want to buy Juncker some champagne. I have always had a personal liking for Jean-Claude Juncker even though we have political differences. His statement today that personally 'I don't think Britain needs the European Union' is spot on."

Champagne (PD)

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