“Now what do I eat and drink?” is always the exasperated layman’s question when another what’s-good-to-eat report is published that contradicts the one published last week.

Well it’s happened again. According to the Independent, The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has published a report that takes saturated fat out of its traditional place in the rogue’s gallery of foodstuffs.

The study by a well thought of body amalgamates 21 other studies covering 350,000 patients, making it a very authoritative report.

What they found is that replacing saturated fats with refined carbohydrates increased the risk of heart disease and diabetes. But this is something we now do as the norm. Because they were always viewed as the bad boys, saturated fats are removed from processed foods and replaced with such things as added sugar to make them more palatable.

According to the report, the case against saturated fats is that increasing it in the diet increases cholesterol. But although it does raise bad cholesterol (LDL) levels it also increases the levels of good cholesterol (HDL). In fact one study by Professor Stampfer in the New England Journal of Medicine, found that those on a low carbohydrate diet but taking saturated fats ended up losing more weight than others and with the best HDL / LDL ratio.

Just recently Dr Schecter of Tel Aviv University who is the first researcher to study the effect of some foods on the arteries said “Foods like cornflakes, white bread, French fries and sweetened soda all put undue stress on the endothelium, which explains for the first time why high glycaemic carbs can affect the progression of heart disease,” (The endothelium being the artery lining.)

But of course our food laws are always well behind the latest nutrition power curve. So don’t expect any immediate changes if any.

But now the important question: “Is it safe to eat my burgers and chips now??!!

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