18% of the top-performing 50 retail funds in the UK are lead-managed by women

Estimates of female fund managers in UK are approximately 9%

Female fund managers are over-represented in the industry’s best performance tables by around two times, according to analysis1 by rplan.co.uk, the online investment platform.

Nine (18%) of the top 50 performing retail funds available to UK investors over the last five years are lead-managed by women. However, the proportion of female retail fund managers in the UK is approximately 9%.2

Stuart Dyer, Rplan.co.uk’s CIO, commented: “There are plenty of studies that show female fund managers constitute a small minority of retail fund managers in the UK. But our analysis shows that they punch above their weight in the performance stakes.


“We can only speculate as to why this might be the case. It may be that women have to be better to succeed and/or it may be that they naturally have a more prudent approach to managing money. Analysis of our own clients’ behaviour has shown that female investors opt for less risky investments.

“Whatever the reasons, ultimately, investors should be happy to have a proven manager with good track record, regardless of gender.”

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