The Firestone Essence: Freedom to drive

Now Firestone is bouncing back, in a bigger way. Bridgestone, which purchased Firestone worldwide in 1988, has recently invested in Europe to provide the Firestone brand with a highly competitive product and marketing package.

Led by the launch of its Destination HP tyre for SUVs in 2014, Firestone is reaffirming its core philosophy – to allow the young-at-heart the “freedom to drive” and discover. In line with this, Firestone has recently completed this line-up with two new additions.

The new Firestone Multiseason tyre is the latest to join the Firestone line-up and opening up a new segment for Firestone. Made for drivers who enjoy the pleasure of the road but live in mild weather areas which may face unpredictable weather conditions, the Firestone Multiseason focuses on being safe when you need it the most. With solid wet braking capabilities and a high resistance to hydroplaning, coupled with proven traction on the snow (3 peak and Snowflake marks), the Multiseason helps you drive safely whatever the weather brings! In addition, excellent stability for manoeuvring in cities, but also confidently engaging a corner, make the Multiseason easy-going and forgiving all-year-round*.


The Firestone Multihawk 2 builds on the success of its predecessor** – the Firestone Multihawk – by focusing even more on the driving pleasure and giving each driver real value for money. The Multihawk 2 is a smooth and comfortable tyre with improved wet performance thus providing reliability for a greater “freedom to drive”.

Keeping this heritage alive, Firestone also makes sure to offer a full range of tyres for all types of motorists and conditions. From general use (Multihawk 2) and touring (TZ300α), to high performance (SZ90µ) and Run-Flat Technology tyres, Firestone now offers motorists a very competitive range designed for reliability, safety and value for money – in summer and in winter. Indeed, Firestone’s Winterhawk 3 received the top rating in German Automobile Club ADAC comparative winter tyre tests in September 2014 – the only mid-market brand to achieve this top result.

Connecting with the young-at-heart

Firestone is reaching out to its young-at-heart target audience through the Firestone Music Tour, an original sponsorship programme with a laid-back feel for major music festivals across Europe in Spain, Germany, France, Poland, Italy and the UK. Firestone will have a strong presence at festival venues – led by a team of Firestone roadies that will criss-cross Europe during the summer. A cool Firestone stand, signage, special attractions, and parking and campsite activities will animate festival sites, supported by a pan-European social media campaign and promotional events in local markets. See you on the Firestone Music Tour!

* Tested on Bridgestone’s European and Sweden Proving Ground. Size: 205/55 R16

** Results vs. predecessor. Testing vehicle: VW Polo 1.4 – tyre size: 175/65 R14

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