Timothy Ray Brown, now dubbed as the ‘Berlin Patient’, has stunned the scientific world by becoming the first man to be ‘functionally cleared’ of HIV.

HIV was discovered almost exactly 30 years ago and has spread to 33.3 million people across the globe having already killed 30 million over the three decades.

But the case of Timothy Brown may give out a ray of hope for all those now living with the disease.

It seems that Mr Brown was ‘cured’ after receiving a bone marrow transplant back in 2007.

At the time of the transplant he was suffering from both HIV and from Leukaemia. He received the transplant in Berlin, Germany four years ago from an HIV immune donor. According to scientists about 1% of Caucasians are immune to the disease.

After this Brown’s HIV just went away.

Timothy Brown’s doctor, Gero Huetter, told Reuters "He has no replicating virus and he isn't taking any medication. And he will now probably never have any problems with HIV".

This case, although heartening and a step in the right direction, does not give the full answer. These transplants can be fatal and according to experts, there is no way that 33.3 million people across the world could be given one.

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