Managing the budget of your upcoming wedding can seem like something of a dream scenario; something you'd love to be able to do, but something which seems to continually be outside of your grasp, however hard you try.

There are tons of articles published online telling you how to save money on your wedding venue, catering, and of course, your honeymoon (note: pocketing hotel freebees on your honeymoon isn't a recommended money-management tip). For this reason we've decided to focus on your smaller considerations, the wedding props that aren't spoken about as often but, when added together, can make up a significant portion of your budget.

Below we've detailed five money management tips for your wedding with regard to saving money on small wedding props. In no order:

1) Don't Mention What You Need Flowers For

They key, when ordering flowers for your wedding, is to not mention the 'w' word. This tip actually applies across every item in this list, but you should pay special attention to it when ordering flowers due to the enormous markup many florists place on their flowers once they learn you need them for your big day.

You can hardly blame them, of course, and unless you follow a guide to putting together your wedding flowers chances are you will need them to make the arrangements for you. Just make sure you don't mention what they're for until after you've agreed a price.

Bridal Bouquet (PD)

2) Purchase Your Invitations Online

Purchasing your wedding invitations online is a great way to not only save money on your invitations (the same products, when sold online, are often significantly cheaper), doing so also allows you to browse a much larger collection than you'd find in a standard store; whether you're looking for vintage wedding invitations or something with a more modern-feel, chances are you'll find it online. In many instances you'll also be able to buy hand-crafted invitations for that added, personal touch.

3) Don't Go Cake-Crazy

It's no secret that wedding cake specialists charge an absolute fortune for a cake that, under any other name, would cost you a fraction of the price. In all honesty, the cake is rarely the best part of a reception lunch or dinner event, therefore to save money in this area you should:

Consider using cupcakes instead of a large cake. Not only will they be significantly cheaper, they're more fun, original, and they create less mess.
Purchase a standard sponge cake from your local supermarket and endeavour to decorate it yourselves.

4) Purchase Wedding Stationary on Craft Websites

Craft sites such as Etsy and a variety of others have become hugely popular in recent years, as they allow those with a talent for a certain craft to sell their wares online to anybody around the world, and they allow the customer to purchase handmade goods for low prices.

Consider searching on Etsy and similar sites for wedding stationary items such as:

• Place Cards

• Favours

• Personalised Place Mats

5) Hire a Photography-Enthusiast Friend or Family Member

The professionals will tell you that hiring a friend or family member to take your wedding photos is a huge mistake, and if they have no professional experience behind the camera then this is certainly a fair point. If they are good at what they do, however, and they've studied photography at certain levels and have worked on similar jobs in the past (and you've seen their work at these events) then hiring a friend or family member in this role can save you an absolute fortune.

Keep in mind that hiring an immediate family member isn't smart, as you'll want them to be in your photos. Better to hire a cousin or friend who's happy to spend much of their time behind the camera.

In conclusion, although managing the budget for your upcoming wedding may feel like an impossible task, it's possible to save a significant amount of money when purchasing your smaller wedding props, such as your flowers, invitations, wedding cake, stationary, and even when hiring a photographer.

By Olivia Breen

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