The lucky make a living doing something they love.  Those who love horses, start equine transport businesses.  It may seem like an obscure decision, yet farmers, investors, and multi-horse owners rely on credible and safe transportation.

If you love horses, and you don’t mind making a few bucks because of it, consider starting your horse transport enterprise.

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Define a Region

It’s great to keep options wide open, but you’ll need to start small, targeting a city, town or small region.  Learn about search engine optimization and use offline marketing tools to grow awareness about your burgeoning business.  Attend industry-related meetups in your area and form partnerships with food and equipment vendors.

Target a small region and then think about ways to grow the business.

Buy Equipment

You may own some equipment, but depending on breadth of offered services, you’ll need extra trailers, trucks, hitches, etc.  Increase your ability to address more horses, investing in a multi-horse trailer.  Some trailers can accommodate more than ten horses at once.  A 2-horse gooseneck trailer offers more standing and feeding room.

You’ll be transporting other peoples’ properties, so you need insurance as well as the best equipment to ensure efficiency and safety.  That means not cutting corners when buying trailers, hitches, and appropriate vehicles to pull the loads.

Establish Fees

It would be simple if every job was the same, but you’ll come across fussy customers, special circumstances, and differences regarding desired services (how the horse is loaded, what food is provided via transport, etc.)

Establish general and supplemental fees for special needs, basic transport, provided food, trainer assistance, etc.

Introduce Technology

Introduce modern technology, so clients can track shipments, contact trainers and transport personnel in real time, etc.  There’s anxiety associated with letting others transport property, especially a living animal.  Ease client anxieties, making it easy for them to track, communicate, and establish appointments with workers.

Advertise Services

Brand company vehicles with customized logos and invest in billboards, newspaper ads, and other forms of marketing to draw attention to your business.

Get a lawyer to compose standard contracts and advise on local and state transportation and business laws.

Get Feedback

How will you exceed customer expectations?  You need a method of getting feedback, whether via telephone conversation, mail-in survey, online form, etc.

Present incentives to those who provide honest and useful feedback.  Exceeding expectations ensures your business will last and has no problem maintaining clients and growing through word-of-mouth advertising.

Customer Service

When it comes to horse transport, customer service applies to the animals as well as their owners.  Like people, horses experience anxieties, and driving long distances could create trouble breathing, keeping cool, and maintaining balance.

Great transportation service requires the right equipment as well as attentiveness toward the animals before, during, and after transport.  For example, a bumper to trailer connection, with trailer lopsided, makes it difficult for animals to maintain balance.  Also, close quarters, obstructing a horse from lowering its head, affects the respiratory system.  Lastly, horses destined to race or address labor activities, need to rest for several days after a long haul.

By Dan Kelly

Dan loves working with horses. When he's not busy taking horses to rodeos and shows all over the country, he enjoys writing about horse care and transport concerns.

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