In another desperate Remainer move, three of the four (soon to be five) surviving Prime Ministers have rounded on Boris before he's even got through the front door of Number Ten.


John Major, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown have all launched attacks on the most likely next occupant of Number Ten.

And the Guardian says that David Cameron would probably do the same, but may be waiting until his memoirs come out later this year.

And when Theresa May becomes the fifth living former Prime Minister on Wednesday, one wonders if she'll join them.

John Major issued a statement that whoever is Prime Minister must act for the whole nation, not just the Brexiteers.

While Tony Blair in a newspaper article dismissed Boris Johnson's can-do approach and his call for us to believe in ourselves as a nation, while naming all manner of obstructions to our leaving the EU.

And then along comes Gordon Brown in a speech quoting a Multilevel Regression with Post-Stratification poll by Hope Not Hate, saying that most people don't want a no deal. The trouble is I can't find a link to the actual polling data to see how this was arrived at, what the exact questions were, who the respondents were and how many of them there were!

Anyway, all three of these former PMs were quite happy during their times in office to ignore anyone who wanted to leave the EU as they took us further in and sneaked off to sign things like the Lisbon Treaty.

And when difficulties like legal matters, weights and measures, VAT and tax, the European Arrest Warrant, food standards, engineering standards and all the rest of it came up all those problems were overcome very quickly. You get my drift.

And had the EU referendum vote been the other way round and Brexiteers were now getting in the way of further integration, these same people would be saying that Brexiteers must respect the will of the people and get out of the way while they hand the country over to Brussels lock, stock, barrel, euro, Schengen and EU army!

There would be no talk of being nice to the Leavers – quite the contrary in fact. It's bad enough now, but you can imagine what vitriolic names they'd be calling us today, if they'd won, can't you?!

Moving on, the first minister to resign on the back of a probable Boris Johnson victory tomorrow was Sir Alan Duncan. And more are expected to follow tomorrow, with two of the names being Philip Hammond and David Gauke.

Now, in a surprise move, Duncan says he has written to the Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow, asking for an emergency debate on the following motion:

"That this house has considered the merits of the newly chosen Leader of the Conservative Party, and supports his wish to form a government."

And according to the BBC political editor, Laura Kuenssberg, Alan Duncan resigned so he could push for this emergency motion to take place.

With the aim of a vote after Boris has been named as the new Tory leader so as to test his ability to hold a majority before the Queen is asked to appoint him by the outgoing PM, Theresa May.

But Bercow has turned the request down says Alan Duncan.

As I said in a video yesterday, the outgoing Prime Minister must advise the Queen on who the new Prime Minister should be, but that person has to have the confidence of the house.

Should a vote like this go ahead and the vote goes against Boris, then Theresa may would be in a bit of a bind because presumably she would not be able to recommend Boris.

This is being seen by many as a personal attack by Alan Duncan on Boris to prevent him being appointed. But he says he just wants to make sure Boris has the confidence of the House of Commons and that this would prevent a worse melt down after the summer recess.

I'll leave you to decide that one.

And in a move that will put a smirk on the face of the average Brexiteer, a certain Mr Steve Bray has Tweeted that he has been ordered by the police to remove himself from College Green outside Westminster for the next three months.

Or face arrest for aggravated trespass.

That means that broadcasts of interviews with politicians can now take place, without an EU behatted anti-Brexit twonk, waving an EU flag and parading around in the background while shouting through a megaphone!



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