When you are comparing all of the different factors which are the most influential in determining search engine rankings, there is no denying that content marketing is one of the biggest. It is essential to remember that content marketing that includes long-form, high quality content with plenty of social media coverage and actions is one of the most significant deciders. Although search engine optimisation is a primary aspect of the marketing mix, it’s becoming more and more technical, with search engines becoming increasingly more driven by content marketing standards. Here are just some key content marketing trends which you can’t afford to ignore.

Email Marketing

Typically, email marketing is seen as an effective way to distribute already existing content and promote content, products and services to all of the subscribers listed. But, the old model of email marketing has steadily decreased in effectiveness over time, and marketers are devising new and innovative ways to make use of email content marketing. With spam being more of a nuisance each time we receive it and an increasing number of people reporting that they no longer open advertising or marketing emails, both business owners and copywriters have had to work hard to create email content which is both compelling and relevant in order to inspire their readers. When done properly, email marketing can be an effective form of content marketing which brings in more revenue.

E-Mail (PD)

Social Media Marketing

Since its rise to popularity, social media marketing has developed strong links to content marketing. Social media is very effective when it comes to amplifying content, which makes it one of the biggest available methods for marketers to distribute their content. Social media has become pretty much essential for any distribution model, and whether you update your social media profiles with content or use them to share secondary content such as a business blog or website, the social media trend is a large part of content marketing which is vital to any campaign.

Text Ads

As online marketing evolves, banner ads are becoming less popular as they are taken over by more discreet forms of advertising such as text advertisements in the form of links integrated into the content. Similar to how you see advertising carried out in films, online advertising is becoming less of a method which is remotely spam-like and evolving into a method which uses strategically placed links and calls to action within excellent content. Known as native advertising, this type of marketing within content has shown more effective results than standard banner ads.

Guest Posts

Although people began to steer clear of guest blogging a couple of years ago, this strategy has quickly regained popularity as it’s a tried and tested method for both building an online presence, advertising and link building. Legitimate guest blogging provides informational, interesting and quality content to blogs with high traffic, subsequently driving more traffic to your site as well as providing more views for the blog. For more information on how guest blogging is an important part of content marketing, click here.
Which content marketing trends do you follow?

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