Image: Edouard Philippe by Mueller-MSC (CC-BY-3.0-DE)

Daily Brexit Update: Tuesday 28th August 2018

The French Prime Minister, Edouard Philippe, asked his ministers yesterday to prepare themselves for a no-deal Brexit.

Reuters reports that the French PM's office issued a statement saying that France is hoping tor a Brexit deal but needs contingency plans in place is no deal is reached. According to the statement Philippe "tasked ministers to prepare contingency measures that would be necessary … to mitigate the difficulties linked with this unprecedented challenge".

According to our Westminster MPs they deserve more money for their staffing budgets because Brexit is giving them more work.

So, the Anti-Brexit campaigner Gina Miller is eyeing up leadership of the party of 'In', is she. But only if the current Lib Dem leader, Vince Cable can get the rules changed to allow a non-MP to be the party leader.

Now with reports coming in that weather across the UK and most of Europe has had an adverse impact on food growth so forcing prices up, the UKIP leader Gerard Batten points out that leaving the EU and ditching the Common External Tariff would help keep prices down:

Should the England football manager run the Brexit negotiations (video)?

The UK Prime Minister, Theresa May, is visiting Africa for the first time since becoming PM to boost post Brexit trade.. She starts in South Africa and will also visit Nigeria and Kenya (video). As part of her trip she also indulged in some dodgy dancing.

And while she's there maybe she could talk about the plight of white South African farmers:

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