Chinese scientists have created dairy cows that can produce human milk in an effort to make cow's milk more nutritious.

The sick and unethical experiment successful experiment on 300 cows in China was the result of adding human genes into cows, which will make the nutritional value of the cows milk greatly enhanced for human consumption and  could replace baby formula milk altogether in the future.

These new transgenic cows will produce lysozyme which is  an antimicrobial protein that helps young babies fight bacterial infections.

Professor Ning Li who is the director of the State Key Laboratories for AgroBiotechnology at the China Agricultural University wrote in Public Library of Science One "Our study describes transgenic cattle whose milk offers the similar nutritional benefits as human milk.  The modified bovine milk is a possible substitute for human milk. It fulfilled the conception of humanizing the bovine milk."


A huge congratulations to Professor Ning Li and his team for their dedication to diluting the purity of the human form scientific progress with this great accomplishment for the inspirational and ethical China Agricultural University.

And a cautionary tale of what can happen when human and animal genetics are mixed.

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