American President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron threw a BBQ for U.S. and U.K. servicemen before taking to the podiums to address the world's media.

Both Cameron and Obama spoke as one in their messages directed towards Gaddafi and his regime, but Al Qaeda had a bit of spanking when David Cameron articulated a warning to the Afghanistan militia group the Taliban to break ties with the Al Qaeda terrorist organisation.

But the grub was up and the menu was arranged to cater for both American and British tastes so there were lamb chops and sausages for the blighty troops and burgers and sweetcorn on the cob for Uncle Sam's boys.

Michelle Obama and Samantha Cameron were at hand also to serve the brave troops with their hands grasping the salad tongs,  ready to fill the bowls of men and women their husbands will send to their deaths for questionable reasons.

In 21st century Britain a McDonald's would have reflected both US and UK eating habits but can you imagine trying to get the Limo around a McDonald's drive through? It had enough trouble getting run aground on a small, Irish ramp.

It was a surreal exhibition watching Obama and Cameron serving sausages and burgers to the very men that they regard as expendable (even though their empty words will say otherwise).

For some reason most thick people view Obama and Cameron as the good guys out to get the bad guys like Gaddafi, even though Cameron and Obama in their brief sniff of power have ordered more people's deaths than the Libyan leader in 41 years of rule.

Does anyone know who we are at war with and why we are at war with them?

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