Kitty and the Girls

The Right Hon Gordon Brown MP,
10 Downing Street,

Dear BabyGrumps,

Where have you been the last couple of weeks? We know how busy you are but please don‘t forget us.

We send this letter as we are getting concerned about the new laws being discussed to classify clubs like ours as ‘Sex Encounter Establishments’. This will mean we that we will have to pay an extra £30,000 a year for a special licence.

This isn’t fair. As you are very well aware we run an extremely specialist and discrete service for influential people with ‘special tastes’. we are not some back-street whorehouse.

Making all clubs register would throw an unwanted spotlight onto our cosy little set-up. Isn’t there something you can do about this little BabyGrumps? Please?

By the Way, Samantha and Teresa have got those costumes you talked about and are looking forward to your next visit. Samantha says the wool is a bit itchy but they’ve both been working very hard on the farmyard impressions.

I hope you can help resolve our little problem,

Lots of Love



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