Sorry, but that is a headline I never thought I’d see.

But it turns out that female short-nosed Fruit bats do engage in oral sex, which results in their ‘partners’ performing longer.

The reasons for this are under discussion but it may be to keep the male away from other competing females or to enhance the chances of fertilisation.

It was previously thought that this act was only performed by humans and bonobo chimps. But a study at the Chinese Guangdong Entomological Institute discovered these female bats were extremely keen ‘operators’.

This discovery was heralded as “exciting news” by Frans de Waal, an expert on bobobo chimps, of the Emory University Atlants.

I suspect this will spawn a whole new area of scientific research and that we will soon find scientists discovering fellatio in just about every other species on the planet. Then will come all the TV documentaries on the subject, something that we can probably do without.

So Fruit bats have a (surprising) lifestyle too, but maybe some of these scientific researchers need to get out a bit too.

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