Could it possibly be true that the company behind the shambles that was the Olympics security (prior to the expert and professional intervention of our armed forces that is) is actively involved in recruiting investigators to help our police?

Well, to put it bluntly, yes.

On the G4S policing solutions site they are advertising for investigators and analysts to cover a whole raft of duties you would probably expect a uniformed warranted officer to conduct. These include interviewing witnesses, recording testimony, helping develop investigation strategies, assisting in interviews, house to house enquiries appearing in court and formulating intelligence collection plans.

No wonder cabinet ministers Philip Hammond and Jeremy Hunt are ‘thinking again’ about the use of private contractors.

With worries that we are privatising our security forces this could concern some, especially after the Olympics security fiasco. But unlike the Olympics, G4S are it says just a recruitment agency. G4S are not then running the operations as those recruited will then be working for the police in one way or another. So there appears to be little chance of no-shows.

The job descriptions are quite specific too. They are looking for ex police and/or military personnel with relevant experience to fill the roles. All sounds a bit like the TV show ‘New Tricks’ to me.

Or maybe Fry and Laurie have a better handle on it, even from twenty or so years ago.

But surely there’s a far cheaper and easier way of doing this. When police officers and suitable military personnel retire can’t they just volunteer to be put on a reserve list database? Then a simple phone call would suffice instead of pouring huge amounts of taxpayer’s money into a huge re-recruitment drive.

This reserve could then be boosted as required with volunteers in exactly the same way as the Territorial Army (which is to be expanded) backs up the regular army. This is not a new idea, it has been mooted before, wonder what became of it?

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