Photos of a dead Colonel Gaddafi are being published across the net with news websites and blogs trawling for the most gruesome final images of the dictator they can get.

Such is the horrific nature of some images, a few news sites are carefully censoring the images shown but they are the exception and not the rule.

Just a quick glance at the mainstream press's main online websites and printed press shows the insatiable demand a baying public has for these pictorial documents of Colonel Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi's terrifying last moments on earth.

And the demand is being more than catered for.

The question pervading the minds of those with half a brain cell is this, is the demand for the images due to the public's need for confirmation that this was Gaddafi who was killed? Or is it a result of the public's perverted, bloodthirsty and voyeuristic needs, which have been cultivated through years of graphic violence on the television enhanced with the declassified internet's video library of gore available to all?

Of course there is the demand for the public to have confirmation that the death of Gaddafi is not a hoax like the flimsy pictorial and video evidence relating to Osama Bin Laden's execution. But how many images does one need to draw a conclusion that he is dead?

But the sheer quantity of gruesome photographs of Gaddafi's last moments being published online is becoming more and more competitive.

Prices offered by the mainstream press for new video footage of Gaddafi's dead body or terrified pleas for mercy are so high that one could retire for 30 seconds of blood-n-guts authentic video documentation.

I have found myself pitying Gaddafi, who must have been terrified in those last moments as he pleaded for his life, drenched in blood and the final images of him show a man in pain and it does not sit well with me that any human being's death could be celebrated in such a way……maybe I would feel differently if a close friend or relative had died or been tortured as a direct result of his orders.

Gaddafi may have been a tyrant who needed removal but that does not require the bombing of innocent civilians…that takes one carefully placed bullet from a special forces sniper and do not listen to those who say this would have proven difficult.

Then there are those who say we are being fed a load of rubbish by our mainstream media and Gaddafi was toppled by everyone other than his own people….but we in the west will never know the truth thanks to a compromised media which the public is becoming increasingly distrustful of……however I would suggest you watch journalist, Lizzie Phelan's firsthand experiences of the situation in Libya….food for thought.

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