As if Gary Barlow wasn't busy enough? Now the poor fellow has been requested by Her that shall not be denied to put the bunting up for two royal shindigs.

Gary's presence was requested by Her Majesty to come and join her for a brew and to discuss two upcoming party celebrations on the royal calender over the next few years.

Prince Philips's wife, Elisabeth will be 85 next year and in 2012 the her Diamond Jubilee will also need celebrating so I suppose they must be the two main events that she will need to get the cheese and pineapple sticks arranged for.

Will Gary be organising a huge Karaoke competition with a finale of the Queen singing 'God Save the Queen' by the sex pistols?

I think not.

We are talking Gary Barlow here.

This man has become one of our nations most loved individuals and deserves a tilt of the sword on the shoulder if any man ever did.

He has put on two major high profile charity events which included the Comic Relief celebrity climb of Mount Kilimanjaro which was put together by Gary and included some of the biggest names in the entertainment business.

Gary is good at pulling together the best of the best and the Queen is quick to recognise this.

Shame he can't pull together a government…now there's a thought.

But Gary is an interesting choice because the video to Take That's 'Up All Night' is set in a street party reminiscent of the street parties last seen for the wedding of Charles and Diana and the 1977 Silver Jubilee.

Perhaps that is the feeling the Queen is hoping Gary will be able to rekindle, if Gary Barlow does manage to get us to have street parties like in times of old then there is no excuse for not giving the lad a Knighthood.

He will have succeeded doing in one party what politicians have failed to do for decades.

If this is the Queen and Gary's aim then we must throw the weight of the nation behind them. Forget the London Olympics this is more important, if we can get our national pride back from the far right hate mongers and bring community spirit to the hearts of this nation then it is a just cause.

Good luck Gary.

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