Legendary guitarist Gary Moore has been found dead in a hotel room in Spain after what is believed to have been a heavy drinking session.

58 year old Moore, a former member of Thin Lizzy, was found around 4am on his back  in his underpants by his girlfriend after drinking brandy and champagne whilst on holidays in the 5-star Costa Del Sol resort of Kempinski.

A source at the hotel said "He was recognised by a fan who talked to him about his music and he was really chatty and friendly. He seemed fine when he left the bar at around 11pm".

Gary was confirmed dead at the scene by medics and a post mortem will probably be carried out in the city of Malaga.

A source from the hotel said "There were definite signs of alcohol in the room".

Gary played with some of the greatest artists in the world of music over the years including BB King and Bob Dylan, his playing had a trademark beauty which was unique and sent shivers down the spine.

His influence cannot be overstated because his playing cut through so many genres and redefined many of them from Rock to Blues and anything in-between.

In a  world where there are so many celebs who do not deserve the accolade of celebrity due to a lack of talent it is sad to see the passing of a genuinely talented man who takes a light with him from this world with his passing, yet leaves a body of work which will illuminate the world of music for generations to come.

R.I.P. Gary Moore

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