Paul 'Gazza' Gascoigne has been released on bail after facing alleged drugs charges relating to possession of cocaine.

According to friends of Gazza the troubled footballer is desperate to get his life back on track and faces the prospect losing his driving licence after an earlier arrest for drink driving, which in itself could lead to a prison sentence.

Friends believe this could be his last chance in rehab before he self destructs entirely.

Gazza has apparently been evicted from the cottage he was renting in North Tyneside over which he still owes £750 unpaid rent and also damages to furnishings.

Gazza's friends have rallied around him after apparently neighbours found him slumped in his home with white powder in front of him and called the emergency services fearing he was dead.

Paul Gascoigne was one of England's greatest footballers and I am sure there are many people out there praying for him to turn his life around and live a life without drink and drugs.

As someone who has had a drink and drug problem in the past I know the difficulties faced in the road to sobriety and the many hiccups which happen along the way. But there is always hope.

Gazza needs to keep away from places where he comes into contact with drink and drugs.

I remember being told by a recovering alcoholic in an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, that I should not go to anywhere that served alcohol until I was stronger. I pleaded with him saying "But I live in a small village and there is nothing to do but go to the pub and that's where all my friends are".

His reply was as cold as a stone, he said "Tough".

Gazza if you get to read this you need to know that there are others who have beaten addiction and you can do it, you're a fighter so use that fight that made you a world class footballer and focus it into getting well.

Yes, 'hard but if you make it to the other side you will hold your head higher than any of those that judge you.

Don't give up because you're a winner.

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