Whatever you think about George Galloway you have to admire his persistence and determination as well as his tendency to wear his heart on his sleeve.

George Galloway is the founder of the Respect Party and as an elected MP currently represents Bethnal Green and Bow. He is also the party’s Middle-East representative.

George Galloway is arguably best known in the UK for his dealings with Saddam Hussein, praising Saddam for his ‘indefatigability’. There was also his self-enforced appearance before the US Senate in 2005 over the ‘oil for food’ programme, where it was alleged that he had received money from Saddam.

Possibly generally less well known is his support for the Palestinians in the Arab-Israeli conflict. His support also runs to humanitarian aid and he has already been involved with two successful convoys taking aid to the Gaza Strip under the ‘Viva Palestina’ banner.

Another convoy commenced its journey from the UK to Gaza on 6th December to little, if any, public acknowledgement. If you check out the Viva Palestina and Respect web-sites you will see that they have had quite an eventful journey.

The convoy now numbers some 250 trucks and ambulances carrying people from many nations and some £2 million in aid supplies of dried milk and medicine etc.

You can read about what they were doing on Christmas Day and Boxing Day as well as why some of the convoy members were on hunger strike on 27th December when the rest of us were still taking Aspririn and Alka-Seltzer to fight off the results of the season’s excesses.

Today sees Galloway expelled from Egypt. From the VP Web-Site: “British MP George Galloway was officially deported from Cairo today (Friday), when Egyptian plain-clothes police officers bundled him onto a London plane.

Galloway had been trying to return to Rafah after news broke that seven of the Viva Palestina convoy members were said to be arrested. Police, who at one point were numbered at.25 mainly plain-clothes officers, refused to allow him to return.

George Galloway is no stranger to rejection. In March 2009 Galloway was refused entry into Canada and ended up having to talk to his audiences via video link from New York.

He seems to be a committed and driven man. But there are many pressing problems closer to home, probably in his own constituency. The plight of the homeless during this particularly bitterly cold weather we’re having springs to mind. Maybe he should help clear up problems in the UK before trying to solve everyone else’s.

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