George Michael spoken out about his teenage infatuation with Blondie singer Debbie Harry.

This was of course before the penny dropped and he realised he was gay.

The 48 year old Wham star revealed all last Sunday whilst having a jolly good time at the Lovebox festival held in London, which included artists such as The Scissor Sisters, The Wombats and Snoop Dog.

George hung out in the backstage area with artists such as Beth Ditto and Jake Shears from the Scissor Sisters before making a beeline for 66 year old Debbie Harry from Blondie who he told he fancied when he was a teen.

The 'Club Tropicana' singer then went on to Twitter the details of the meeting between himself and Debbie. George Twittered“She (Debbie) looked great. I told her that before I worked out I was a poof she was my first crush … (which is true!) … Not sure if she took it as a compliment. (sic)”

The tweets did not end there from the man who has been known to enjoy a spliff or two "Went to Lovebox festival Sunday … Met the lesbian chanteuse that is Beth Ditto. She was a sweetheart.“Bumped into Jake Shears from the Scissor Sisters who was as friendly and cute as he always is … So it was definitely worth putting up with the rain."

This is not very important news at all.

Why is George Michael finding out he has not always been 100% gay quantified as news?

Granted, George is quite a talented chappy but his teenage fantasies and crushes are not of any great importance. It might be more interesting for you to know that the world bond markets are in chaos and could result in the financial and economic collapse of the entire world.

This could mean that public servants would not be paid, banks will collapse and your money in the banks will be gone….

Food for thought…..

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