Who cares who the Conservative shadow chancellor's brother is or was in a relationship with.

Most people  couldn't give a hoot if he was in a relationship with a duck, the man is not the chancellor and even if he was it would be nobody's business who or what he slept with.

Someone or other once said "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone".

OK it seems as though Dr Adam Osborne, who has just been through a disciplinary hearing has been a bit frivolous with his prescription pad but hey ho who cares?

This affair is meant to have taken place when his long term partner was away blah blah blah so Mr Osborne who was lonely began a relationship with a call girl who is referred to in the disciplinary as 'Miss B' (Could be some sort of code name for her….or would that be stating the obvious?)

He is a naughty boy and deserves a good spanking (Possibly how his relationship with Miss B began) but does he need to be paraded in front of the world's press?

He is already brother to George (I haven't really put much thought into our economic policy) Osborne so the poor chap must have enough on his plate.

Imagine being a sibling to the man who's lack of direction and gumption may have robbed the Conservatives their only chance of a majority win in the next election.

OK George Osborne is only partly to blame for Labour's advances, 'Call me Dave' did the rest with his perpetual backtracking on promises.

But George is about as convincing as Nick Griffin singing 'Free Nelson Mandela' at a charity do to raise money for Gay, Jewish immigrants whose favourite toilet roll has the Union Jack printed every sheet, but this has nothing to do with his brother.

Leave the poor chap alone.

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