Gerard Batten MEP set out UKIP's stall in his speech to a packed hall at the UKIP Conference 2018 on Friday 21st September 2018 in the Birmingham ICC. Please see the full video of the speech below.

As expected he covered a whole range of topics and also announced the party's interim manifesto 'Policies for the People'.

Under his leadership, Gerard Batten wants UKIP to be a 'populist party', which he defines as a the party having policies that are popular with the people.

The interim manifesto is a living document and will be built upon as policies are developed in the future.

UKIP also reports that the phones in head office have been ringing off the hook since Mr Batten gave his speech.

The first item to be covered in the manifesto is of course that of Brexit, saying: 'UKIP stands for a complete and total withdrawal from the European Union.' Which is unsurprising.

And the next is the NHS where is says quite clearly that: UKIP believes in an NHS free at the point of delivery.

On housing it says that the UK does not have a housing problem, it has a demand problem fuelled by mass uncontrolled immigration.

The manifesto can be downloaded here: UKIP Manifesto Sept 2018

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