Last night I attended a UK Independence Party meeting in Gloucester, with the main speaker being the party's interim leader, Gerard Batten, who I later managed to chat to (video below).

He was joined on the stage by the deputy chairman of Young Independence, Reece Coombes and the UKIP small business and countryside spokesman, Ernie Warrender.

The Gloucester Guildhall was full of many UKIP members and also some non-members who had come along to find out more about the party.

The news that the party was financially back in the black and that there was a plan to deal with the £175,000 legal bill resulting from the Jane Collins defamation case, was well received. As was Gerard saying he will put himself behind a social media push to leap-frog the mainstream media.

Afterwards many attendees went round the corner and up the stairs to The Old Bell for a refreshing drink and buffet (very nice it was too). It was here that I managed to catch up with Gerard and pen him into a corner and find out what his take on the day was, what was happening to the party and his views on various other topics.

The overall message from the evening was that: UKIP is in the black, UKIP has a plan, UKIP is back!

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