Goodness gracious me what's this all about? The incredibly talented Geri Halliwell (Cough) has allegedly been annoying the X Factor audience with nonsensical comments and generally embarrassing cringe-worthy behaviour.

How much of this is true I have no idea but it's flying around the forums and press so maybe there is some fire where there is smoke.

Apparently Geri bombed in the Glasgow auditions for X Factor with the audience booing her and chanting for Dannii"s return.  The 37 year old Spice Girl is said to have made comments that did not make any sense and infuriated the crowd by voting out a singer called Katie with her deciding vote.

But Katie was asked to return for another go which didn't make Geri look very good and later she is said to have stormed off stage followed by Simon Cowell.

Calling Cheryl Cole a "gorgeous, gorgeous girl" apparently made Cheryl blush so all in all Geri by all accounts did not have a very good time.

Now then.

Just like most people with half a brain and a genuine musical background I dislike the X Factor intensely because it has nothing to do with true talent and originality except for Rhydian Roberts who was like a breath of fresh air.

So why is anyone surprised when a someone like Geri who has no obvious talent cannot make a decision to a crowd with probably no obvious talent whose only level of musical understanding and appreciation comes from whatever Simon Cowell manufactured rubbish CD they can pick up at Tescos.

It's like a drunk driver driving home a bus full of drunks with no one having a clue what is going on but all getting rather upset when the thing crashes.

Lets face it X factor is rather a ridiculous show.

Four people with no level of artistic appreciation or achievement (No Simon and Louis….selling lots of records is not a yardstick for appreciation or talent…otherwise McDonalds would have Gordon Ramsay begging for a job in the kitchen) judging performances for signs of talent.

Why won't they let real bands on the show and no covers? That would be a start at discerning what is what.

Get Sting, Paul McCartney, Thom Yorke and Roger Waters on as Judges.

Now that would be entertainment.

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