So it began the start of the end…. Who will be the next P.M?

Right, so everyone knows the drill tomorrow yep? What’s all this poll talk, no we’re all going down the “Sterling’s End” for a few pints of San Miguel and some stroganoff? What are you waffling on about elections for? Polling stations? I think you mean the petrol station? End of the road take a left, then it’s the 2nd on the right.

OK, so maybe we are off to vote tomorrow after all. Well, you can forgive me for forgetting after all, it’s not been mentioned much now has it? Well let’s make the most of it while we can, if we are lucky we will have a few more. So, are you one of those about to set up camp for the night, outside your local polling station to be the very first one to cross, not the ballot paper, but yourself before posting your vote? Do you live on in hope until midday and pray before participating in the elections? Or do you leave it until the last minute to decide who to vote for, or in fact if to vote at all?

Tomorrow, after you’ve remembered not to blot your ballot paper and recalled who you are actually voting for. When you have managed not to start a fight with a supporter of the opposition (inside the building any-how) and realised what it is you are there for exactly and asked yourself why the hell you are still in your slippers? Then take a long look around you, breathe in that competition, the abundant amounts of hope coupled with the lack of belief that the ink you place upon that paper will make a difference. Now close your eyes and imagine the bigger picture, that which holds power above and beyond that of our government and our general elections. Yes, what I am talking about here is, yes you guessed it, the event viewed by countless people ready to cast their vote, The EuroVision song contest of course! But in that contest the outcome is greatly influenced by selected juries.

Don’t look at me like that! I’ve not gone mad. Well maybe but I’m being rather logical at the moment! We give billions each year to the E.U. regardless of how much the national debt collector is demanding. The E.U. has asked for this in sterling although, not in the way you are thinking. No I am referring to our ability to spend it and of our ability to do what we all plan to do tomorrow. That, my friends, is the right to not only choose our MPs, our next reining party and political leader but also to our right to a self governing country full stop. Let’s take the USA for example, the United States of America. As the name suggests, these separate states are all united and run by one governing body and one head of state, one main set of rules and one currency but, most important of all, one national identity. Well the E.U. has already taken the liberty of imposing countless regulations upon us who reside in the U.K that seem to hinder rather than help the way we live without the need for an E.U. ‘national feeling’. Some of these laws are explained in the book Ten Years On.

Unfortunately I cannot guarantee another ten years of being able to vote for or have our own government. Can you imagine something similar to the EuroVision when electing a European head of state? Put it this way it’s not like we are the biggest country , sorry state in the union now, is it? What’s more we are not offered the chance as Britons to have a say in how far the regulations or red tape of the E.U are allowed to go. If we do we would have to campaign for a referendum ( to do so! So tomorrow do vote and select your party carefully and, just in case, take your camera phone because you may never see anything like this again!

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