Its every arachnophobe's nightmare come true as Giant spiders are being seen in homes across Great Britain this Autumn.

However there is little to fear as the warm winter has cultivated the perfect breeding conditions for spiders who are coming out in droves and strutting their 8 legs to mate instead of hiding away in less conspicuous parts of the house.

These spiders are not some radioactive, genetically enhanced super spider or a deadly foreign spider introduced to the country, they are our nations feared and loved fly killing common spiders that you don't usually see.

It is normal to see these larger spiders in the Autumn as they prepare to mate but their sex drive is particularly high in the warm Autumn like a club 18-30 boatload of Brits in Magaluf after a day of drinking.

So don't go killing them just yet out of fear they may attack you because they help control disease by keeping the fly population down, instead we should look at these spiders as super heroes out to get the pesky flying villains who will plant dog poo in into your children's sandwiches.

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