If you’ve got a nerdy uncle or tech-savvy co-worker with a birthday coming up, fear not! Good news is on the way: there are a whole host of trendy gadgets out there which won’t break the bank. Heck, even if you’re the gadget lover in question, who needs an excuse to splash out on the latest software?

With a range of technological trinkets for the lounge, office and kitchen, you’ll never be at a loss for what to buy for the guy or gal who loves a gizmo.

Network Cables (PD)

UbiSlate 7Ci Tablet

Thought tablets were invariably a costly investment? Think again. Datawind have released an incredibly affordable tablet which can be snapped up for under £30. Of course, it’s not the fastest or most elegant machine on the market, but it allows you to connect to the internet, watch movies and videos, play games and access your email. Not bad at all for those on a budget.

Roku Streaming Stick

This handy little device from Roku connects to your TV’s HDMI port or Smartphone and allows you to stream TV and movies from over 1,000 channels. With YouTube, Netflix, HBO Go at your fingertips, the £40 you splash out on this baby is perhaps the easiest and cheapest way to catch up on your favourite shows, wherever you are.

Swann MP3 DJ Doorbell

Tired of that same old ding-dong sound when someone presses your doorbell? Well, the boffins over at Swann have come up with the world’s first customisable doorbell DJ. Now you manipulate your buzzer so that every time you have a visitor, Anita Ward’s Ring My Bell sounds throughout your home. Of course, you could pick any other song too… but why would you?

Tassimo Espresso Coffee Maker

Want gourmet coffees without the hassle of dealing with baristas and long lines in coffee shops? Well, now you can enjoy quality caffeine drinks in the comfort of your own home, with this affordable range of machines from Tassimo. Start your day off with your favourite hot beverage and you’ll never roll out of the wrong side of the bed again!

Powerline PowerCup AC Inverter

If all this talk of coffee has got you thinking of the ultimate in cup gadgetry, look no further. Although this innovative device won’t hold any hot beverages, it can fit snugly into the cup holder of your car and convert the power outlet of the cigarette holder into two AC outlets and one USB slot. Now you can charge all of your other gadgets while on the go! Clever girl, Powerline.

LED T-Shirt

For the technology-craving raver. This t-shirt comes with a microphone stitched into its lining, which picks up music played in the near vicinity and lights up the EQ bars to the according frequencies. If you’re looking for gadgets you can wear, this is the perfect garment for a music festival, concert or house party.

Multi-Coloured Light Bulb with Remote Control

Ever wished you could change the ambience of a room with the flick of a button? Well, now you can, thanks to this multi-coloured light bulb from the fine folks over at Muket. This ingenuous party essential fits into any standard light bulb socket and offers a choice of 16 different colours thanks to the LEDs installed in its core. You can also choose to up the tempo with a strobe effect or slow things down with a gentle fade.

Have you ever given the techie in your life a gift they loved? We want to hear your tips!

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