Gina Miller has set up a tactical voting website with the sole aim of stopping The Brexit Party in its tracks, or at least trying to.


Writing in the Guardian this morning, that arch Remainer Gina Miller, has announced the launch of her campaign website 'Remain United' that will tell visitors which party to vote for in their region to maximise the chances of returning Remain party MEPs to the EU Parliament after the elections on the 23rd of May.

Gina Miller is well known as the person took the government to court to force it to use statute law instead of the Royal Prerogative to trigger Article 50, presumably in the hope that parliament would, in the end, not vote for it. But that did not work.

And, interestingly it may now work against her current aims if the Tilbrook judicial review case is won and the judiciary declare that we really did leave on the 29th March 2019.

But that's another matter.

Back to Gina Miller.

In her piece, Miller starts by saying:

"Want to stop Nigel Farage storming the European elections? Then vote tactically."

She warns that pollsters are predicting that The Brexit Party headed up by Nigel Farage will win 30 of the 73 available MEP seats, which she says will be more than all the Remain parties put together, Nigel will be pleased to hear that.

Interestingly she put the Labour Party into the Brexit campfire the moment and says that if Corbyn changes direction then she will change her website recommendations.

She has also omitted the three seats from the Northern Ireland region from the tables and only includes the 70 seats from England, Scotland and Wales; presumably because the Brexit Party is not standing there.

Now, although she would like to see The Brexit Party stopped in its tracks, what the tables on her website show, is that without tactical voting, the Labour party and The Brexit Party (that's two Leave parties according to Gina Miller remember) would be neck and neck on 25 seats apiece.

So Leave parties would have 50 of the 73 available seats, including Northern Ireland – that's 68%, with the Brexit Party taking 34% of all 73 seats available.

But were 50% of Remain minded voters to vote tactically, then this would change to The Brexit Party and the Labour Party being once again neck and neck with 22 seats apiece.

So, according to Gina Miller, that would mean that Leave parties would control 44 of the 73 seats, which is still an overwhelmingly hefty majority of 60%. And The Brexit Party would have 30% of all the 73 seats available.

And the main recipient of seats in the tactical voting scenario would be the Lib Dems who would increase from six to 12.

The other point to note her is that, according to Miller's site, in both non-tactical and tactical voting scenarios, UKIP candidates gain zero seats.

Gina Miller says that the site will be updated again later. So if Labour changes its stance on Brexit, then the figures will change. Probably just increasing The Brexit Party share of seats.

It's great how you can influence elections – as long as you either have deep pockets, or have access to them.


Remain United:


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