According to a report in the Daily Telegraph there are a few scientists who believe that global warming is set to ‘pause’ over the two or three decades. This will be a result, according to them, of the cyclical changes that occur in ocean currents.

Professor Mojib Latif of Germany’s Kiel University Leibniz Institute believes these ocean current cycles will temporarily halt global warming. Prof Latif is also an author for the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

He actually claims that up to 50% of the previous three decades of global warming could be due to these cycles and that the current cooling phase will just offset the man-made global warming for a while. That means the UK should be much colder now than it is doesn’t it?

But on the way he says winters and summers will become cooler and that the recent phenomena of retreating sea ice and glaciers may well reverse for a while.

But this is a controversial view and not widely accepted.

There you have it. If it gets warm we’re all doomed, if it gets cold we’re all doomed and if it stays the same guess what ….. we’re all doomed.

The climate changers have now sewn up all options for the future with increased tax and control over our lives as the only way out whatever happens.

I can still find no-one explaining how climate change will continue to occur once we’ve used up all the fossil fuels. Nor have I seen a study into what would happen to wildlife, pollen transfer, coastal erosion, etc if we extracted huge amount of energy out of the world’s wind and current movements. I bet the answer would be “good point, we’d better slap a tax on it just in case”.

In my view it’s a good job we have had some global warming. Otherwise look at the weather we should have had in the UK over the last few days. We should all have been feet deep in snow with the elderly and infirm unable to survive, businesses going to the wall, massive fuel bills just to stay alive, nothing to eat in the shops, burst water mains and panic everywhere.

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