A clear message has been sent to UK politicians by frustrated voters – just get on with Brexit!


It seems that the poor old UK voter is just fed up with all this prevarication over Brexit. All they want is for the government to get on with taking the UK out of the European Union.

A Sun on Sunday poll shows that voters are:

"…sick of Brussels bullying and resistant MPs stalling — and simply want ministers to deliver.

"The mood of the nation is hardening after two years of bitter rows and fruitless negotiations since the historic referendum result." Reports the 'paper.

The result has 47% of respondents saying the country should leave either with or without a deal, with only 28% saying we should stay in the EU.

In the poll, 62% of voters say they have not changed their minds over how they voted in 2016 and of those who have changed their minds, most are Remainers who would now vote to leave.

There is also a lot of suspicion expressed about the 'tedious stumbling blocks' put in the path of Brexit, as well as 60% feeling that the EU is out to punish the UK.

Tory Brexiteer MP Priti Patell said:

The Sun on Sunday’s poll shows that the British people ultimately believe we can build a stronger future for our country outside the EU.

“It is clear that most people are sick to the back teeth of being ­bullied by the EU and listening to politicians at home erecting all kinds of obstacles to prevent them honouring the referendum result."

And fellow Tory MP Iain Duncan Smith said that this result 'nailed the lie' that the population was suffering from Bregret.

Martin Boon, the director of Deltapoll, said:

Half the public believe themselves to be under siege from the political classes trying to change their minds.

“But the message they are sending back is that they haven’t changed their minds and the likelihood is they won’t.

The Sun also says that Jeremy Corbyn's Labour party is on 40%, which is three points ahead of the Tories on 37%, with the Lib Dems on 8% and UKIP on 6%.

To get a result on Brexit like this after all the constant scare-mongering over the last few weeks tells you a lot about how sensible Brits are, doesn't it!

But of course this will not stop the Remain campaign trying to get rid of the concept of a sovereign and independent UK, will it?

And the Remainers have just had a one million pound shot in the arm from multi-millionaire Julian Dunkerton one of the co-founders of the fashion label Superdry.

According to the BBC his money will go to the second referendum seeking campaign group 'The People's Vote' to help with opinion poll funding.

"I will be paying for one of the most detailed polling exercises ever undertaken by a campaign so that more and more people have the confidence to demand the democratic right for their voice to be heard." He said.

But no sooner had he announced that than a skeleton comes rattling out of the cupboard in the form of a report from 2015 in The Sun called 'Superbad' that said:

"Exploited factory workers are paid as little as 28p an hour to make jackets for trendy brand Superdry."

And it goes on to recount the stories of its workers in Delhi doing unpaid overtime and having to ask permission to go to the loo.

Superdry has since put out three ethical statements saying how it is dealing with these issues, the latest came out on the 9th August.

But magazine Ethical Consumer does not rate the company very highly, saying it had received its worst rating for Supply Chain Management, which includes working conditions. Ethical Consumer also said that:

"Due to the high proportion of cotton likely to have come from Uzbekistan and the prevalence of forced labour in its production, the company lost half a mark in the Workers' Rights category."

Oh and One Remainer A-lister, David Beckham has been known to favour Superdry clothing.

And the BBC reports that:

"Mr Dunkerton said he believes the brand he co-launched "would never have become the global success that it did" if Brexit had happened 20 years earlier."

I'll let you all work your own way through that and come to your own conclusions!

Yesterday I said that Arron Banks of Leave.EU wanted all Brexiteers to pay £25 to join the Tory party in order to start a Tory Grassroots revolution to unite the right, force a leadership election to get a Brexit leader and take advantage of any upcoming split on the left caused by Brexit.

But already the Tory Party Remainers are warning of so-called 'entryism' by these people, with Anna Soubry saying that it was 'worrying'.

But at the end of the day the members only get a vote if there are two candidates left standing at the end of MPs having their say and they are going to try and present a united front by ensuring only one candidate remains.

All those entryists may well find themselves stitched up with no vote and yet another Remainer at the helm, and only IF there is a leadership election.

Just join UKIP, so much simpler.

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