Godfrey Bloom, the (now ex-UKIP) MEP who sparked controversy (again) with his reference to some female party members being 'sluts', will now serve out his MEP term as an independent despite remaining as a private member of the party.

On its journey from fringe party to the mainstream UKIP is being forced to reinvent itself and become more 'corporate' as time goes by and support grows.

Just like any growing small business that was full of characters, where everyone knew everyone else and each member knew their role and didn't need to be told what to do gets to a decision point. now they find that the growth pains lead to a time where size means a corporate approach has to be taken. No more room for (too much) individual character and more guidance from the top – Nigel Farage has recently taken a firmer grip of the reins remember, as well as trying to distance himself now from the 'beer 'n fags' image.

UKIP RosetteBut this is to be expected and we will probably see a more considered approach to everything in future. Let's just hope the central messages do not get watered down as the hunt for winnable marginal seats gets underway.

"Whilst it's very sad that it has come to the point that Godfrey is no longer an MEP for UKIP," said Mr Farage "he has made the right decision. He has been a hardworking and loyal MEP for UKIP, however as the party professionalizes and becomes a far more disciplined machine Godfrey has decided he no longer fits in.

"He is still privately a member of UKIP but will sit as an independent MEP and will no longer be spokesman for the party. I of course wish him well as does the party at large."

Maybe there's a bit more deck clearing to come over the next few months.

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