After last weeks fall into the low £720 on the troy ounce this week has seen a recovery boosting gold back into the game.

There is a general trend to add gold to the personal portfolio of many investors across the spectrum but the rebound on the dollar which has knocked the price of oil has not had quite such an impact on gold as it continues its upwards trend after a minor fall.

Even though investors are looking towards gold as a either a long term investment or a hedge against currency collapse there seems to be enough people out there dipping their toe into the gold pool to create and hold a new floor at a low of around the £720 mark.

But the question remains,  how secure is this mark measured against a strengthening currency and the possible IMF gold sell?

I think that the upward movement of gold will remain firm until there are good indications that all currencies have no threatening outside influences such as those the Euro is facing with Greece or Britain is facing with the woes over its debt (which is not as founded in fact as you may think).

We may be in a new era where the perception of gold as preserver and representative of wealth returns to it's historical position and there may be a new long term trend to invest in Gold for future protection in the long term against currency collapse.

It's a case of what comes first, the chicken or the egg?

If there are so many major players buffering their portfolio with gold then are they following trends, setting them by influence or simply responding to a bubble in creation?

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