Gold has increased in value over the last few days as investors nervously shun the world's stock markets.

On top of that there is the poor performance of the Euro and the Eurozone's ongoing debt debacle, the stalling US economy and the ongoing buying of gold by countries like China and India.

But gold has not been the only safe haven that investors have chosen to store their money in. The Swiss franc is gaining strength, even though the Swiss National Bank is doing its best to weaken it so as to maintain the country's competitiveness. The Yen has been in demand. Even the recently downgraded ten year US Treasury note is sought after, to the extent that yields dropped below 2% last week for the first time ever. Looking at the returns of the likes of the Swiss franc and US Treasury notes when compared to inflation you can see that investors are actually paying for the privilege of holding them. So the price of safety these days is an erosion of your investment.

During the course of Friday good sentiment was exiting and entering the stock markets at a giddying rate. The FTSE quickly slumped below 4,950 shortly after opening before struggling over a roller coaster route to finish 51.47 down on the day at 5,040.76 on the back of rumours that the US Fed was about to have an emergency meeting to settle the markets.

Gold though ended up on the day at £1124.51 having touched £1137 at one point. The gold bulls expect this to keep breaking new records over the next few weeks.

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