Goldman Sachs backs Britain staying in the European Union with a six figure donation

And Leave.EU's Arron Banks makes his views extremely clear!

The bank behind Greece entering the European Union has given a huge sum to ‘Britain Stronger in Europe’, the pro-EU group fronted by the former M&S chairman, Lord Stuart Rose, provoking outrage from EU sceptic groups.

Goldman Sachs has also supported the UK becoming a member of the Eurozone but is probably more remembered for its part in the sub-prime mortgage debacle that caused the credit crunch in 2008.

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Responding to the news co-founder of Leave.EU, Arron Banks, said:

"This comes as no surprise to those of us who have said all along the referendum will be a campaign of the British people against the establishment of international bankers, multinational corporate tax dodgers and out-of-touch politicians.

"We need Britain to regain control of its laws, its borders and its taxes and bankers that can switch their money from Luxembourg to the Caymans without shame are no friends of the British people. It will be the thousands of small platoons of ordinary folk that donate their fivers and their tenners that will fund the peoples' campaign to leave the EU and that's why we will win. If Goldman Sachs had offered Leave.EU six figures we would have told them where to stuff it."

It also transpires that the Vatican City has made comments that the UK should remain in the EU.

Leave.EU spokesman Brian Monteith commented:

"I expect the British people will completely ignore and forget the Vatican Foreign Secretary's confessional. What on earth has EU membership got to do with the Roman Catholic church as a faith or the Vatican as a City state? Archbishop Gallagher's comments are hardly drawn from scriptures nor is the issue about faith and will be judged as little more than meddling by many devout Roman Catholics.  

"If being in the EU is so important to the strength of Europe what has Archbishop Gallagher to say to the 23 states that are not in the EU – including of course the Vatican City itself? His intervention will not influence a single vote, indeed it might be counterproductive and convince some that Church and state are best kept separated and there are times when the Vatican would be better keeping its counsel to itself."

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