This poll is good news for Boris Johnson but the stuff of nightmares for Jeremy Corbyn.


A recent poll says that more people want Boris Johnson to run Brexit and run the country after Brexit than either his opponent in the Tory leadership race, Jeremy Hunt, or the leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn.

YouGov has issued the results of a poll that asks whether respondents would like to see those most likely to be doing the job of conducting the Brexit negotiations, stay on for the long term and run the country afterwards as well.

This came on the back of previous polls suggesting that Tory party members just wanted Boris in place to get Brexit done, however deficient his long term domestic plans were.

The poll sample was 1,749 GB adults. 302 were Tory voters, 259 Labour, 241 for Lib Dem and 237 would vote for The Brexit Party.

The three people they asked those taking part in the poll about were Boris Johnson, Jeremy Hunt and Jeremy Corbyn. And for the Lib Dem and Brexit Party supporters out there, no Jo Swinson, Ed Davey or Nigel Farage I'm afraid.

There were a series of questions, but when answering the question: "I would want him managing the Brexit process and to run the country afterwards", Boris Johnson scored 20%, Jeremy Hunt 13% and Jeremy Corbyn got 10%.

Now, these low scores are of course unsurprising considering the political make-up of the sample respondents.

So let's look at the totally negative question of "I would not want him managing the Brexit process, nor would I want him to run the country afterwards".

Here Jeremy Corbyn got 63%, Boris Johnson got 49% and Jeremy Hunt 45%.

But when looking at this on a party basis we see that 44% of Tories support Boris Johnson managing the Brexit process and running the country afterwards, 44% of Labour voters support Jeremy Corbyn and 26% of Tories support Jeremy Hunt.

Where The Brexit Party voting respondents are concerned they went for Boris Johnson with a heavy 55% – even higher than the Tory vote, then came Jeremy Hunt with 11% and finally Jeremy Corbyn somehow managed to get a 1% score from somewhere.

The Liberal Democrats amongst the respondents were just totally negative across the board – well they do hate the word Brexit. So they scored each of the three very low on both managing Brexit and the country afterwards. But on the question "I would not want him managing the Brexit process, nor would I want him to run the country afterwards", Boris got a resounding 84% of the Lib Dem vote – I think he'll take that as a big positive – Jeremy Hunt got 55% and Jeremy Corbyn a surprising 69%. The Lib Dems think that Corbyn is worse than a Tory.

YouGov produces a lot of Ven diagrams with all the answers but says that, if you break all this and the other questions down and pitch Boris Johnson against Jeremy Corbyn, "the results show that Conservatives tend to see Boris Johnson as someone who can handle the whole package" and also says that these results will be good news for him as it shows that his supporters see him there for the long haul.

He will also take heart from the solid support he has from those who currently intend to vote for The Brexit Party.

But on Jeremy Corbyn, YouGov said:

"The results make grim reading for Labour supporters, highlighting as they do the extent to which Jeremy Corbyn has lost the confidence of those who wanted to see his party take power in 2017."

I'm sure that in any other time, this would tempt a party leader in Boris's position to go to the country early.

But this would need two thirds of MPs to also vote for a general election – and, as so many of them are on dodgy ground with their own constituents, I'm not so sure that they would be able to muster that many turkeys to vote for Christmas!


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