Walking into a casino brings all the excitement, tension and drama that is enveloped within the world of gambling and placing moneys on odds-based games that could result in being rich or broke. Despite a slight decrease in attendance figures following the emergence of online casinos and casino gaming apps developed for smartphone and tablet devices, casinos remain the mecca of gambling. Every casino ensures their standards and house rules are adhered to by every gambler who walks through their doors, although there is emphasis on the fun and enjoyable side to gambling that makes customers feel relaxed and gamble at their own discretion.

Google Glass by Taeytan

Google Glass by Taeytan

There have been numerous unscrupulous methods that have emerged in recent times in order for players to gain an advantage over the house and win big amounts of money. Although it is not strictly illegal, card counting is the most prominent form of unethical practices carried out by players at a blackjack table as they can systematically work out the order of cards and odds of hitting the right cards on every hand. Casinos are enforced with strict security measures, with the action at every table closely monitored via CCTV which allows any hint of card counting or cheating to be instantly detected and dealt with. The emergence of the Google Glass not only illustrates the capabilities of 21st Century technology, but also raises serious questions over whether they can be used in a casino.

How Google Glass Works

Google Glass is the pinnacle of the upcoming Wearables technology boom as gadgets which you can physically wear and utilise like an every day portable appliances. The product is essentially a pair of glasses with a computer built into it, with the 'lens' providing a screen that can only be seen by the user. Google Glass works in the same principle as a smartphone, with users being able to make video calls, send text messages and emails, access the internet, and also take pictures and videos whilst on the go. It allows users to access information and carry out everyday actions they would usually do through their smartphone on a brand new, innovative gadget which is more personal and private.

Although they are not yet available on the market for consumers, Google Glass has already created a considerable volume of controversy, with the gadget already banned in a number of places. Cinemas and numerous casino chains have quickly moved to ban Google Glass from being used in their building, while UK driving authorities have instantly made it illegal to wear and use the gadget whilst driving.

The casino debate

While gamblers may use Google Glass for the right means when walking into the casino, they carry too big a risk to casino chains who could lose a considerable fortune if they choose not to prohibit its use. As the internet and upcoming poker strategy apps can be easily accessed through the gadget, it creates the open possibility for gamblers to cheat whilst playing games such as roulette and blackjack. Although many poker software tools are efficient in effectively tracking your play throughout each hand of a tournament and providing extensive analysis at the end, they are valued as counterproductive within a casino where they often hold the upper hand over gamblers. Wearing Google Glass at a poker table can also result in a considerable slow-down of the play as users may be too busy reading their emails or sending a text message to engage in the poker tournament they are playing in. The cheating aspect is undoubtedly the prime reason why several casino chains and regulators have banned Google Glass from being used in their casino, even if users utilise their gadget for ethical purposes.

Walking into a casino whilst wearing Google Glass may deny you access through the doors, but the gadget could be utilised whilst playing in an online casino. The gadget can allow users to check poker strategies and roulette calculator tools whilst playing live in an online casino to stand a much greater chance of winning big money. There is also the possibility for online poker players to film the action in a tournament straight to a friend who is a poker expert, and can guide a player through each hand. While it may be fun and enjoyable for both parties, it is unarguably unfair on other players participating in an online poker tournament who do not have the use of Google Glass.

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