The prospect of Google starting their own on line property website has caused panic amongst existing property websites and local newspapers who rely on estate agents using their facilities to advertise property.

Google is currently in talks with estate agents on their new free property service that undermines the position of current property online websites and local newspapers that charge for their services. This new development could save estate agents a lot of money in a time when they are trying to cut back on their monthly bills to stay open because of low sales volumes in the wake of credit restrictions by lenders.

The new Google street view service will be incorporated into the online property website allowing potential buyers to zoom into the property and view the locality from a man on the street perspective before viewing a property.

This new service could save valuable time and money for estate agent and buyer alike but also reduce the tiresome viewings for sellers who are left feeling disheartened at viewings not resulting in sales due to the location not being right for the buyer who can now view the local vicinity before viewing.

Another advantage could also lie in property finding their way into other Google searches within an area producing a property for sale in a region of interest which may result in property sales that would otherwise not be achievable.

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