Daily Brexit Update: Tuesday 21st August 2018

To ensure the continued smooth running of the UK after Brexit, the government has adopted a 'flexible' approach so that medicines, chemicals and car parts can continue to be available, reports the Telegraph. It says that one industry source who has seen some of the papers calls it 'project no fear'.

And Martin Howe QC, of Lawyers for Britain, has trashed the 'lurid scare stories' being touted by the Remain campaign, calling them 'ridiculous and unjustified'. Far from being forced to charge tariffs on imports as the scare-mongerers would have you believe, "Mr Howe says this is not true as the UK will be free to charge lower levels of tariffs or zero tariffs if we feel fit," says the Sun.

While Brexiteer Tory MP John Redwood points out in his diary that, as the EU has built World Trade rules into its own laws, it cannot arbitrarily prevent the UK selling into the EU single market.

The rules, he writes "…require a WTO state to accept product from another WTO state as complying with standards unless there is an objective reason to establish they do not comply. The EU has and uses powers to recognise the standards and competent authorities of third countries to be able to import their goods and to comply with its WTO obligations."

And Liam Fox keeps pushing UK trade and vows to make the UK an exporting superpower after it leaves the EU (video):

Jeremy Hunt says the UK WOULD survive and prosper without a deal:

After Arron Banks urging Brexiteers to join and reform the Tory party from the inside, Nigel Farage the former UKIP leader begs to differ:

While Vince cable, from the 'Part of In' is still out there trying to stop Brexit (video):

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